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  • Fruit recall at Walmart, Costco

    By By Jacque Wilson CNN
    Published On: Jul 22 2014 09:00:33 AM CDT
    Updated On: Jul 22 2014 03:41:12 AM CDT

    Rich Brooks/CNN

    (CNN) -

    If you've picked up fruit at Costco, Kroger or Walmart stores recently, keep reading.

    Wawona Packing Co. is voluntarily recalling peaches, nectarines, plums and pluots that were packed at its Cutler, California, warehouses between June 1 and July 12. Wawona believes the products may be contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes.

    Costco, Kroger and Walmart, which also operates Sam's Club stores, have all posted notices about the fruit recall on their websites. So have Whole Foods Market, Trader Joe's, Ralphs and Food 4 Less. The recall is nationwide, according to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

    Consumers should look for a sticker on their fruit that says "SWEET 2 EAT," according to the recall warnings.

    Internal testing at Wawona revealed the potential listeria contamination, the company says. Listeria was found on on two nectarines and one peach. It is not yet clear how they became contaminated. The facility was shut down and sanitized, and subsequent tests have been negative for the bacteria.

    "We are aware of no illnesses related to the consumption of these products," Wawona President Brent Smittcamp said in a statement. "By taking the precautionary step of recalling product, we will minimize even the slightest risk to public health, and that is our priority."

    Trader Joe's has urged customers not to eat any of these stone fruits -- meaning fruits with large pits -- and to return them to a nearby store for a full refund.

    In addition, Wegmans has recalled several of its baked goods that contain fruit from Wawona Packing Co. This includes cakes, pies, tarts and other pastries. For a full list, see

    Listeria monocytogenes is a bacterium that can cause listeriosis. The most common symptoms of listeriosis are gastrointestinal issues (such as diarrhea), fever and muscle aches. Pregnant women, infants, older adults and people with weakened immune systems are particularly at risk for a more serious infection, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

    If you have already eaten one of the recalled products and begin to feel ill, see your doctor and tell him or her about the recall.

    "Your doctor will make a diagnosis and should report any positive test findings for Listeria monocytogenes to public health authorities, who will then report it to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention," Wawona states in an FAQ about the recall.

    The CDC estimates about 1,600 illnesses and 260 deaths are caused by listeriosis each year in the United States. Overall, outbreaks have been on the decline since 2001, but the largest in U.S. history occurred in 2011. Cantaloupes from a farm in Colorado sickened 147 people and killed nearly three dozen. The farmers responsible recently were sentenced to five years' probation, including six months of in-home detention.

  • Man charged for crash into New Bern post office

    By WCTI Staff
    Published On: Jul 25 2014 10:23:14 AM CDT
    Updated On: Jul 25 2014 05:50:56 PM CDT

    Police say a man has been charged for crashing his car into the New Bern post office early Friday morning.

    According to the New Bern Police Department, 42-year-old Charles Dietz, of New Bern, crashed his Jaguar into the post office at 1851 S. Glenburnie Rd. The two front doors were smashed.

    The crash was discovered at 4:20 a.m. Friday, said Lt. Rhonda Allen of New Bern Police. No one was hurt.

    At first, Dietz denied being the driver, said Lt. Allen. But after an officer told him there were security cameras, he admitted he was behind the wheel, Lt. Allen explained.

    Some post office customers were surprised by the damage.

    "Coming to get my morning mail and was wondering, thought they was renovating the building," Donald Ellis said.

    Others thought it might be weather related. Rebecca Koehler and Teruko Kolanchick were dropping off a letter Friday.

    "We thought lightning hit it," Koehler said.

    Dietz has been charged with felony damage to property, hit and run, careless and reckless driving, and filing a false police report.

    The last charge is due to Dietz filing a stolen vehicle report at 2:52 a.m. Friday, said Lt. Allen.

    Dietz was placed in Craven County Jail under $25,000 secured bond.

    According to the N.C. Department of Public Safety, Dietz has several past convictions of DWI and driving while license revoked.

    Despite the damage, the post office is open for business. A representative with the post office said the building is structurally safe. A few weeks ago, another vehicle crashed into the same post office, the representative said. Damage was visible from outside the post office for that crash as well.


  • Shia LaBeouf appears in court

    By By Joan Yeam CNN
    Published On: Jul 24 2014 01:44:52 PM CDT
    Updated On: Jul 24 2014 02:33:43 PM CDT
    Shia LaBeouf after arrest

    Steve Kastenbaum/CNN

    (CNN) -

    Shia LeBeouf appeared in Manhattan criminal court Thursday morning over charges stemming from a June incident at a Broadway performance of "Cabaret."

    The actor was arrested after allegedly disrupting the Broadway show mid-performance and has been accused of berating and spitting at police officers who were removing him from the theater. LeBeouf is charged with criminal trespass, disorderly conduct and harassment.

    The actor's attorney, G. Robert Gage Jr., and New York Assistant District Attorney Ali Russell jointly requested an adjournment from the court, asking the judge to allow them to work toward "a possible resolution" to the charges.

    Unlike some celebs who have been late to their legal proceedings, the "Transformers" actor arrived more than 30 minutes before the courtrooms opened.

    He entered the courtroom surrounded by his legal team and went up to shake hands with Russell. He appeared uncomfortable before his appearance and sat in the third row, surrounded by his advisers, with his head down and his eyes surveying the room.

    LaBeouf didn't speak during the brief court appearance before Judge Ann Scherzer, who took less than five minutes to grant the adjournment.

    Court officers helped the actor make a hasty exit from the courthouse. Dodging photographers, LeBeouf refused to address the media or answer any questions.

  • Suspect accused of involvement in Rx fraud operation

    By WCTI Staff
    Published On: Jul 25 2014 06:32:09 AM CDT
    Updated On: Jul 25 2014 12:49:47 PM CDT

    A woman is being held under a $4 million bond for allegedly being involved in a fraud operation in which oxycodone prescriptions were forged.

    According to the Lenoir County Sheriff's Office, 32-year-old Jammie Ree Williams, of Kinston, was arrested on Wednesday.

    The Sheriff's Office said a prescription pad was stolen from a physician's office in Kinston. The prescriptions were then forged and passed at pharmacies at locations in Kinston and Pink Hill to obtain multiple dosages of oxycodone, investigators said.

    Williams is being jailed under a $4 million bond on the following charges:

    Four counts of identity fraud;
    Four counts of uttering forged instruments;
    Six counts of obtaining controlled substances by fraud;
    Ten counts of trafficking in opium and/or heroin (oxycodone);
    Two counts of obtaining a controlled substance by fraud/forgery.

    The Sheriff's Office and the Kinston Department of Public Safety said they have been investigating the oxycodone operation for two weeks.

    "Because the investigation involved the unlawful usage of prescriptions in both the city and county, the Kinston Department of Public Safety and the Sheriff's Office Narcotic Division worked together to investigate the case," said Sheriff Chris Hill. "The rampant theft of and addiction to prescription narcotics is at epidemic levels. Over the last several years, we have seen prescription narcotics violations dwarf the issues we previously had with marijuana and cocaine."

  • Man accused of sex crimes against 8-year-old

    By WCTI Staff
    Published On: Jul 25 2014 06:50:55 PM CDT
    Updated On: Jul 25 2014 07:01:16 PM CDT
    Saul Valencia

    Deputies have arrested a man accused of committing sex crimes against an 8-year-old girl.

    The Onslow County Sheriff's Office said deputies arrested 31-year-old Saul Valencia on Friday. According to warrants, Valencia committed the sex crimes against the 8-year-old girl between May 1 and May 24.

    The crimes happened at Valencia's home on Weeping Willow Lane west of Jacksonville, the warrants state.

    Valencia is charged with four counts of felony indecent liberties with a child, four counts of misdemeanor sexual battery, and four counts of misdemeanor contributing to the delinquency of a juvenile. He was being held under a $21,000 bond at the Onslow County Jail.

    Valencia is scheduled to be in court Monday morning, according to the Sheriff's Office.

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  • Man charged for crash into New Bern post office

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