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  • Man accused of shaking baby, causing serious injury

    By WCTI Staff
    Published On: Aug 21 2014 10:52:24 AM CDT
    Updated On: Aug 21 2014 11:51:06 AM CDT
    Jacob Pinyan

    Deputies have arrested a man accused of shaking his 4-week-old son, causing breathing difficulties to the baby.

    The Craven County Sheriff's Office said 19-year-old Jacob Isaak Pinyan is charged with felony child abuse causing serious physical injury.

    According to the Sheriff's Office, investigators received a report on Wednesday of a 4-week-old baby suffering from symptoms of Shaken Baby Syndrome. The infant started having difficulty breathing and was taken to a hospital by his parents, deputies said.

    Upon completing the investigation, deputies arrested the baby's father, Pinyan, who was being jailed under a $150,000 secured bond..

    As of Thursday, the baby is at Vidant Medical Center and is listed as stable. NewsChannel 12 is working to learn his exact condition.

    No other details on the investigation have been released.

  • Police arrest Jacksonville man accused of human trafficking

    By WCTI Staff
    Published On: Aug 21 2014 10:12:21 AM CDT
    Updated On: Aug 21 2014 06:13:56 PM CDT

    Raleigh Police have charged a Jacksonville man with human trafficking for allegedly holding several women in involuntary servitude and assaulting them.

    According to arrest warrants from the Raleigh Police Department, 26-year-old Eric Javon Thompson, of Jacksonville, was arrested in Charlotte on Tuesday.

    The warrants state Thompson held four women in involuntary servitude while in Wake County. One victim was held from Nov. 1, 2013 to Jan. 1, 2014, one was held from May 1, 2014 to June 1, 2014, one was held from May 1, 2014 to June 29, 2014, and one was held from June 1, 2014 to June 30, 2014, according to the warrants.

    The Raleigh Police warrants also allege that Thompson assaulted two of the victims  by choking them with both his hands, causing them to nearly lose consciousness. He threw one of the victims over a bed and pressed the other against a wall, the warrants say.

    There is no word on the conditions of the victims now.

    Thompson grew up in Jacksonville. On Thursday, his grandfather commented on his grandson's arrest.

    "He's in serious trouble. So, the only thing that I can say is I pray and hope that the Lord will continue to bless us," said Thompson's grandfather. "To the victim, I would like to say I'm sorry. I really don't know what happened, what went on."

    In addition, Thompson is accused of violently stealing $120 from a person in Wake County on Aug. 11. The warrants state Thompson conspired with Alicia Lauren Connolly to commit the robbery.

    Thompson is charged with four felony counts of human trafficking an adult victim, two counts of assault by strangulation, one county of common law robbery, and one count of felony conspiracy. He is being held in the Wake County Detention Center $1,020,000.

    Sarah Tellis, the executive director for the True Justice International, said it was likely the victims' testimonies that led to Thompson's arrest.

    "Human trafficking is human trafficking. It's modern day slavery," Tellis said. "It can involved an element of slavery such as sex slavery, which is the most common one. But there's also labor trafficking that occurs."

    Thompson next court date is scheduled for Sept. 10.

  • Flooding in Morehead City causes traffic concerns

    By WCTI Staff
    Published On: Aug 21 2014 04:03:36 PM CDT
    Updated On: Aug 21 2014 04:51:26 PM CDT

    Heavy rain caused some flooding in the Morehead City area Thursday afternoon.

    Our photographer said the roadway leading to the parking lot of a Walmart, Lowe's and Staples had several feet of standing water.

    Viewer Kathy Kulin reported seeing Morehead City firefighters helping a motorist who tried to drive through a flooded parking lot at the Cypress Bay Shopping Center.

    Meanwhile, parts of Highway 70 had up to 6 inches of water.

    CLICK HERE; Video of flooding on Highway 70 (Credit: Teresa Nichols).

    Official reports from weather officials in Newport indicate that at least four inches of rain fell in certain spots.

    Parts of Highway 70 closed earlier Thursday afternoon have since reopened. But traffic was still moving slow as of late Thursday afternoon.

    Click on the photo gallery above to view pictures sent in by viewers (not applicable for app users).

  • Grandma posts 'silly' photo of baby in roasting pan

    Published On: Aug 15 2014 10:12:24 AM CDT
    Updated On: Aug 15 2014 09:25:29 AM CDT

    iStock Image

    A grandmother is taking some heat after posting a photo of her baby granddaughter in a a roasting pan surrounded by potatoes on Facebook.

    She also posted a picture of her granddaughter with her pacifier duct-taped to her mouth.

    Jackie Sheaks of West Columbus, Ohio posted the photos to Facebook in an effort to be funny, but some of her friends didn't get the joke and called police as well as Child Protective Services. Both agencies visited her West Columbus home to check on the baby's well-being.

    Ohio's 10TV reported that Sheaks said never meant any harm: "It started as just a joke; we put a little tape on the pacifier because we were being silly."

    "What we think is funny, other people don't," she told 10TV.

    Click here to see the controversial photos.

  • Police: Woman run over twice in critical condition

    By WCTI Staff
    Published On: Aug 19 2014 10:29:04 AM CDT
    Updated On: Aug 19 2014 10:32:43 AM CDT

    Photo Credit: Matthew Flood


    Police say a woman is in critical condition after she was run over by a car twice in what appeared to be a freak accident.

    It happened at the parking lot of the Food Lion at 1409 W Corbett Ave. in Swansboro. Police said they got the 911 call at about 9:20 p.m. Monday.

    According to the Swansboro Police Department, 24-year-old Felicia Higinbotham, of Newport, had arrived at the Food Lion with a 24-year-old man.

    They both entered the store together, said police. But at some point, Higinbotham went outside and sat down outside the car-- by the rear passenger side-- while waiting for the man.

    The man later came outside and thought Higinbotham had left with someone else because he did not see her, police explained. The man then got into his 1995 Mitsubishi and backed over Higinbotham, according to investigators.

    The man told officers it felt like a ball joint broke in his car so he pulled forward, trapping Higinbotham underneath the vehicle, said police.

    Once officers arrived at the scene and saw Higinbotham pinned underneath the car, they tried to jack the vehicle up. Fire and EMS crews then placed inflatables underneath the car and lifted the vehicle.

    Police said first-responders were at the scene for about an hour and a half.

    Crews took Higinbotham to Onslow Memorial Hospital. She was later transferred to Vidant Medical Center, where she was stable but in critical condition as of 3 a.m. Tuesday, officials said. Police said they are working to determine what types of injuries she suffered.

    Police told NewsChannel 12 no charges have been filed, but the investigation is ongoing.

    Photo Credit: Matthew Flood

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