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  • Carteret town named best small town in America

    Published On: Oct 24 2014 01:01:13 PM CDT
    Updated On: Oct 24 2014 01:01:24 PM CDT
    Beaufort, NC

    Courtesy the Crystal Coast Tourism Authority


    A Carteret locale has been named the best small town in America by Travel + Leisure.

    The magazine's readers voted on the honor, which only considered towns with fewer than 50,000 residents.

    The magazine cited, "its quaint, tree-lined downtown and colorful history-populated with plenty of fishermen and even a fair share of pirates" as reasons that Beaufort is this year's top small town.

    To read more and see other towns on the list, click here.

    Beaufort previously tied for first place as the "coolest small town" by Budget Travel magazine in 2012, alongside Hammondsport, NY.

  • New footage of Cape Lookout shark feeding frenzy

    By Kyle Horan
    Published On: Oct 23 2014 05:21:15 PM CDT
    Updated On: Oct 24 2014 07:39:51 AM CDT

    New footage from a feeding frenzy recorded on October 9th at Cape Lookout National Seashore shows an up close look at the sharks feeding on fish, trapped against the shoreline.

    A Raleigh man recorded the video while he was on a fishing trip at the national park. Andrew Radford had the video even while another video of the frenzy was going viral, gathering 5 million views in just two weeks.

    Radford's video appears to have been filmed later in the day than the original video. It looks as if it is dusk as dozens of black tip sharks and hundreds of birds swarm above the water.

    "There's people who have been coming to that island for 50 to 60 years who have never seen that," Radford said. "The little phone was zooming in enough. So, I just walked right up to them and dug my toes into the sand."

    Radford shot the sharks on his cell phone. He walked within feet of where they were swarming trapped bait fish.

    "I wasn't scared at the time," Radford said. "I was just thinking about these cool looking sharks."

    Radford's video, which is split in two parts, is 11 minutes.

    Part One of the video.

    Part Two of the video.

  • Homecoming prince opens fire at school

    By By Chelsea J. Carter CNN
    Published On: Oct 24 2014 01:14:03 PM CDT
    Updated On: Oct 25 2014 12:03:20 AM CDT

    Two people are dead in a shooting at a high school outside of Seattle, including the alleged shooter.

    (CNN) -

    Jordan Luton was finishing his lunch in the cafeteria at Washington state's Marysville-Pilchuck High School on Friday when he heard it -- a loud bang.

    Then there was another. And another. And another. And another.

    What he saw was freshman Jaylen Fryberg go up to a table with students, "came up from behind ... and fired about six bullets into the backs of them," Luton told CNN. "They were his friends, so it wasn't just random."

    Some of the students began to run. Luton and others hit the ground, some hiding under tables.

    By the time it was over, two people -- the gunman and a female student -- were dead and four were wounded, according to authorities. Those wounded were all under the age of 18, they said.

    The shooter died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound, Marysville police spokesman Robb Lamoureux told reporters.

    Two girls are in the intensive care unit at Providence Regional Medical Center in Everett, and two boys are in ICU at Harborview Medical Center in Seattle, Providence spokeswoman Erin Al-Wazan said.

    Three are "very critically ill" with "very serious" injuries, she said. One is in serious condition. One of the boys, age 14, suffered a jaw injury. The other, age 15, was critically injured in the head.

    Source: Gun traced to shooter's father

    The gun used in the shooting has been traced to Fryberg's father, a law enforcement source with knowledge of the investigation told CNN. It is a "high capacity" weapon but did not have an extended magazine, the source said on condition of anonymity.

    The source said investigators are searching the family home.

    A Beretta .40-caliber handgun is believed to have been used, a federal law enforcement source told CNN.

    Why did this happen? That's the question being asked as investigators combed the school late Friday for clues and interviewed students who witnessed the shooting.

    Investigators were expected to work through the night at the school, which has been closed through next week.

    While authorities have not detailed what occurred inside or identified the shooter, students offered up accounts that painted a terrifying, chaotic picture.

    The shooting began during an early lunch break at the school of about 2,500 students that sits in the heart of Marysville, a small city bisected by the major thoroughfare connecting the region with Vancouver, British Columbia.

    Authorities got a 911 phone call at 10:39 a.m. (1:39 p.m. ET) from someone inside the school, which is north of Seattle and Everett, Lamoureux said.

    'People started screaming'

    Luton was sitting two tables away when the shooting began.

    Fryberg appeared to target one table, where there were about 10 students sitting. "I'm pretty sure he shot at specific people because they were pretty good friends with him," Luton said.

    "He put some bullets in the back of the students," he said. "He turned and looked at me and my girlfriend ... and kind of gave us a smirk."

    The shooter continued firing as he left the cafeteria, Luton said.

    "I have no idea what his motive was because yesterday at football practice, he was all fine, talking .... having a good time," he said. "And then today, just horrible. I don't know what went through his head or what caused him to do it."

    By all accounts, Fryberg was a popular student. Just a week ago, he had been named as the high school's freshman homecoming prince, according to a YouTube video of the ceremony and accounts provided by students to CNN.

    Fryberg's multiple social media accounts depict him frequently hunting and using rifles. Those accounts say he was a Native American and a member of the Tulalip tribe.

    Luton could not confirm reports that Fryberg had been bullied. But two weeks ago, according to Luton, Fryberg got into a fight after somebody said "something racist" to him.

    'Run, get out of here'

    Freshman Rachel Heichel was sitting at a table about 60 feet away from Fryberg.

    When the shots started, she turned around and saw the shooter standing there.

    "When I saw him, I was like 'Oh my God, that's Jaylen.' I would have never expected it would have been him, out of all people," she said.

    "It was really heartbreaking for me to see that. I saw him with the a gun in his hand, shooting."

    She never heard Fryberg say anything.

    "All I heard was people screaming, 'Run, get out of here. Let's go,'" Heichel said.

    At first, they thought it was a fire drill

    A student locked down inside a classroom told CNN by phone that students initially thought it was a fire drill until teachers told everyone to run into classrooms because there was a shooting.

    A student who says he was in the cafeteria when the shooting began told CNN he called the police, and then gave his phone to a teacher.

    The student described a chaotic and bloody scene, saying blood was "everywhere."

    Another student, identified as Austin Taylor, told CNN Seattle affiliate KING that he had just finished eating when he saw the shooter.

    "He was just sitting there. Everyone was talking. All of the sudden, I see him stand up, pull something out of his pocket," he said.

    "At first, I thought it was just someone making a really loud noise a big loud pop ... until I heard four more after that. And I saw three kids just fall from the table."

    Austin said he ducked under a table. When the shooting stopped, he said he looked out and saw the shooter was trying to reload.

    "When that happened, I just ran in the opposite direction, and I was out of there as fast as I could," he said.

  • Suspect in hospital after swallowing cocaine overnight

    By Ben Warwick, Producer
    Published On: Oct 24 2014 06:37:56 AM CDT

    One man is in the hospital after allegedly swallowing two bags of cocaine in Jones County.

    Officials there tell our producers overnight that it all happened around 2:30 a.m. at the Jones County Courthouse in Trenton.

    A man was brought to the courthouse after he refused a search at a routine traffic stop.

    That's when officers say they noticed a lump in the man's mouth, which turned out to be two small bags of cocaine.

    He swallowed the drugs and was immediately taken to a local hospital.

    Officials in Jones County tell us they'll release his name later this morning, but at last check he's still in the hospital, which is why his name is still being withheld.

    He is facing several drug charges and a felony assault charge.

  • Lee Bettis begins his 90-day jail sentence

    By WCTI Staff
    Published On: Oct 24 2014 05:27:59 PM CDT
    Updated On: Oct 24 2014 06:09:49 PM CDT

    Former New Bern Mayor Lee Bettis turned himself into the Craven County jail Thursday afternoon to begin serving his sentence.

    Bettis faces 90 days in jail followed by 12 months of supervised probation. This sentencing is the result of Bettis' convictions for DWI, child abuse, and reckless driving.

    The Craven County Sheriff's Office says during his jail time, Bettis will be held in a  single cell separate from the rest of the inmate population. This is all being done as a safety measure.

    Bettis says while behind bars he also plans to begin a blog to detail his experience.

    Bettis also hopes to tackle the legal issues of prescription drugs and what exactly qualifies as impaired driving as one of his many missions once he's released.

  • Grifton family victims of home invasion

  • Wednesday October 22nd 11 pm sports

  • 'Giant parking lot' may help in the next disaster

    A new Navy ship may save the day during the next disaster. The USNS Montford Point is a massive mobile landing platform undergoing sea trials. Vehicles are transferred from ship to the Montford Point, where they are then taken by hovercraft to shore.

  • NTSB, FAA search for clues after copter, plane crash

    Three people are dead and two others are injured after Thursday's crash involving a Robinson R-44 helicopter and a Cirrus S-R 22 single engine plane in Frederick, Maryland. Investigators from the National Transportation Safety Board with assistance from the Federal Aviation Administration are combing a wide field near the Frederick Airport looking for clues.

  • Dearborn Heights, Michigan, house targeted by bomber

    Police in Dearborn Heights, Michigan, are looking for suspects and answers after a family was jolted awake to find their suburban house on fire early Wednesday. Surveillance video shows a suspect threw a Molotov cocktail at the house, suggesting they were targeted.