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  • Carteret town named best small town in America

    Published On: Oct 24 2014 01:01:13 PM CDT
    Updated On: Oct 24 2014 01:01:24 PM CDT
    Beaufort, NC

    Courtesy the Crystal Coast Tourism Authority


    A Carteret locale has been named the best small town in America by Travel + Leisure.

    The magazine's readers voted on the honor, which only considered towns with fewer than 50,000 residents.

    The magazine cited, "its quaint, tree-lined downtown and colorful history-populated with plenty of fishermen and even a fair share of pirates" as reasons that Beaufort is this year's top small town.

    To read more and see other towns on the list, click here.

    Beaufort previously tied for first place as the "coolest small town" by Budget Travel magazine in 2012, alongside Hammondsport, NY.

  • Autistic student named Jones Senior HS homecoming queen

    By Kyle Horan
    Published On: Oct 25 2014 07:30:40 AM CDT

    A mildly autistic and popular student at Jones Senior High School was named homecoming queen at Friday night's football game.

    Corchanta Greene was named homecoming queen in front of a crow of her peers.

    Greene is a senior at the school and has been a cheerleader since seventh grade.

    Greene has achieved great things despite having mild autism. She currently maintains a 3.26 GPA.

    Friday, Greene's mother expressed her pride in her daughter.

    "I'm so happy, I'm so happy," said Constance Greene, "My baby won."

  • Teen's death prompts community to bring awareness to bullying

    By Rebekah Thurston
    Published On: Oct 25 2014 06:48:34 PM CDT

    Family, friends, and a community band together to bring an end to bullying as a response to the death of a 13-year old that hit the small town of Ayden earlier this month.

    Allyssa Colcough took her own life earlier this month after telling a close friend she has been picked on at school. The Pitt County Sheriff's Office continues to investigate the allegations of bullying. Her parents say Allyssa's iPad and phone are being looked through in an effort to determine who, if anyone, bullied their daughter.  Meanwhile, they share this message.

    "There is no law against bullying in the state of North Carolina," said David Harper, Allyssa's father.

    And that's something friends and family of Allyssa say they can't stand for.

    "They need to be held accountable," said Shannon Harper, Allyssa's mother.

    "I've been bullied before so I don't want anyone to feel the pain that me and also Allyssa have felt," said Alexis Anderson, Allyssa's cousin.

    So in an effort to prevent other families from going through the same thing, Allyssa's family and friends are pushing for a change.

    A family friend, Carmella Warren says, "I'm in the process of writing a petition to have Allyssa's law passed," which they hope will be an anti-bullying law for the state of North Carolina that would lead to the prosecution of bullies by a court system.

    "Right now, the only thing it is is a slap on the wrist, and maybe a letter sent home," said David.

    Many of our surrounding states already have anti-bullying laws that take action against individuals who bully or harass others.

    "I feel that maybe 10-15 children start going through the court system, there's going to be 50-100 that are going to say, no I'm not going to go through that and so I think a harsh punishment or a lot of humiliation to the bullies will put a stop to it," said Warren.

    Allyssa's parents say the school didn't know anything about the supposed bullying of their daughter. Now Shannon and David are working to bring awareness to the bullying that goes on in our schools because they believe without awareness, there can't be a solution.

    The family is going to be circulating that petition soon. If anyone wants more information or to be a part of their movement to bring an end to bullying, contact Carmella Warren at (252) 814-6917 or

    The money raised from Saturday's event goes towards helping Allyssa's family with funeral costs.

  • New footage of Cape Lookout shark feeding frenzy

    By Kyle Horan
    Published On: Oct 23 2014 05:21:15 PM CDT
    Updated On: Oct 24 2014 07:39:51 AM CDT

    New footage from a feeding frenzy recorded on October 9th at Cape Lookout National Seashore shows an up close look at the sharks feeding on fish, trapped against the shoreline.

    A Raleigh man recorded the video while he was on a fishing trip at the national park. Andrew Radford had the video even while another video of the frenzy was going viral, gathering 5 million views in just two weeks.

    Radford's video appears to have been filmed later in the day than the original video. It looks as if it is dusk as dozens of black tip sharks and hundreds of birds swarm above the water.

    "There's people who have been coming to that island for 50 to 60 years who have never seen that," Radford said. "The little phone was zooming in enough. So, I just walked right up to them and dug my toes into the sand."

    Radford shot the sharks on his cell phone. He walked within feet of where they were swarming trapped bait fish.

    "I wasn't scared at the time," Radford said. "I was just thinking about these cool looking sharks."

    Radford's video, which is split in two parts, is 11 minutes.

    Part One of the video.

    Part Two of the video.

  • Greenville teen dies following crash in Raleigh

    By Leland Pinder
    Published On: Oct 25 2014 04:22:31 PM CDT
    Updated On: Oct 25 2014 04:23:13 PM CDT

    Raleigh Police Department Public Information Officer Jim Sughrue, confirms a teen from Greenville has died from injuries she sustained after being hit by a car in Raleigh Friday night.

    Saturday, Raleigh Police announced 17-year-old Camisha Renay Valerie Vines had died. The crash is still under investigation and no charges have been filed at this time.

    The accident happened just before 7 p.m near the intersection of Capital Boulevard and Calvary Drive. The teen was attempting to cross the street.

    Police say the driver involved in the crash did stop.

    According to ABC affiliate WTVD, this is the second pedestrian accident at the intersection of Capital Boulevard and Calvary Drive in about a month and a half.

  • School shooting victims, shooter related, grandpa says

    A half-dozen prayer vigils were held Friday night, hours after a school shooting in Marysville, Washington.

  • White House: Ebola scare under control

    The White House believes Americans shouldn't fear an Ebola outbreak occurring in the U.S. But some are still criticizing the government's response to the situation.

  • Classmates question why student opened fire

    Two people are dead and four wounded Friday, after 14-year-old Jaylen Fryberg opened fire in his school cafeteria.

  • Autistic student named Jones Senior HS homecoming queen

  • 'Giant parking lot' may help in the next disaster

    A new Navy ship may save the day during the next disaster. The USNS Montford Point is a massive mobile landing platform undergoing sea trials. Vehicles are transferred from ship to the Montford Point, where they are then taken by hovercraft to shore.