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  • Camp Lejeune housing to open for certain applicants

    Published On: Jan 30 2015 04:39:50 PM CST
    Updated On: Jan 30 2015 05:11:06 PM CST

    Starting Monday military retirees, Department of Defense employees or contractors and surviving spouses can apply to live on base at Camp Lejeune.

    This week Atlantic Marine Corps Communities sent a press release to military servicemen and women living on base at Camp Lejeune. The letter says AMCC has seen a dramatic decrease in housing occupancy over the past several months.

    A certain occupancy level must be maintained in order to support services like utilities, lawn care, maintenance, and repairs.

    "One thing that we started to consider was people who had a connection to the military," said AMCC Spokeswoman Alana King.

    In order for the services to continue and to fill housing, AMCC has announced they will start leasing homes at Camp Lejeune for military retirees, Department of Defense employees or contractors and surviving spouses.

    "Those are all people who have access to the base anyway. They have something in common with our active duty residents. We felt that they would make very good neighbors," said King.

    King says AMCC has been thinking of opening up housing opportunities to people in these categories for several months.

    "Hopefully we will have a lot of new interest from these new categories. Our leasing staff has already been fully prepared for how to handle these new waterfall categories," said King.

    Base housing is already open to retired military, Department of Defense employees or contractors and surviving spouses at Cherry Point and New River Air Station.

  • Sixth Appalachian State University student dies this school year

    Published On: Jan 31 2015 04:05:49 PM CST
    Updated On: Jan 31 2015 04:06:46 PM CST

    BOONE, N.C. (AP) -

    Police say a 23-year-old student at Appalachian State died at a hospital after being found in distress at an off-campus residence.
    It's the sixth death of a student at the university this academic year.
    A news release on Saturday from the Boone Police Department said that authorities responded Friday night to a medical emergency.
    The release said Michael C. Schmitt was taken to a hospital where he died. There were no signs of foul play.
    Earlier this month, a student at the university died in a vehicle crash and another was found dead in her dorm room.
    Three other students were found dead the previous semester. Investigators have found no evidence of foul play in the deaths.

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    1/31/2015 3:36:57 PM (GMT -5:00)

  • Father charged with murder in Kinston baby's death

    Published On: Sep 15 2014 05:06:11 PM CDT
    Updated On: Sep 16 2014 11:18:45 AM CDT

    Kinston Police say they have charged a man with murder in the death of his 1-month-old baby, who died of "abusive head trauma" and other injuries.

    According to the Kinston Department of Public Safety, officers arrested 20-year-old Ricky Lee Clark Jr. at about 4:30 p.m. Monday at his home. Clark is charged with an open count of murder in the death of his 1-month-old son, Caden Demari Williams, of Hill Street.

    During his first court appearance Tuesday morning, the judge denied bond for Clark. The judge made it clear that Clark could be sentenced to death if convicted.  The district attorney said more charges are expected.

    Kinston Police said Caden died on Feb. 17. At that time, the cause of death was undetermined.

    But an autopsy later revealed that the baby's death was a homicide, said investigators. Caden died from "abusive head trauma and blunt/compressive force injuries of the trunk," according to the autopsy report (more details later in the article).

    On Aug. 20, the Kinston Department of Public Safety reopened the investigation, ultimately leading to the arrest of Clark on Monday.

    Baby Caden's mother, Tyrianna Williams, said she was relieved after Clark was taken into custody.

    "It feels like a whole lot has been lifted off of me now that I know he's locked up," said Williams.

    Williams said Clark never told her what happened in the hours before Caden's death.


    According to the autopsy report, 1-month-old Caden was in the care of his father when he coughed up blood on Feb. 17. The father then changed the baby's clothes and put him back to bed, the report says.

    About an hour later, the father checked on Caden and found the 1-month-old unresponsive, the report states. The baby's parents and paternal grandparents then took the infant to Lenoir Memorial Hospital.

    The report says the baby had no pulse and CPR was performed. But the infant was not responsive and was pronounced dead at 2:50 a.m. on Feb. 17,  just 16 minutes after arriving at the hospital, according to the report.

    AUTOPSY RESULTS (Details are graphic):

    The Brody School of Medicine at ECU performed the autopsy on Caden.

    "Autopsy examination revealed acute subdural hemorrhage suspicious for abusive head trauma as well as rib fractures, contusions of the thymus and right middle lobe of the lung, and multiple lacerations of the liver," the report says.

    The 1-month-old was suffering from subdural and subarachnoid hemorrhage (bleeding in the area between the brain and the thin tissues that cover the brain), according to the report. In addition, the baby had mild brain swelling and retinal bleeding, as well as a skull fracture, a spinal cord injury, and four rib fractures.

    "[The injuries are] consistent with compressive grasping of the infant by the chest and vigorously shaking and slamming the infant against a relatively soft but nonyielding object. Striking the infant with a hand or fist would produce similar injuries," the report states.

    Further examination of the baby's brain revealed that the injuries were acute and occurred within hours of the baby's death, according to the report. An examination of the spinal cord revealed that the injuries were acute and in the process of healing, with some prior injuries dating back at least two to four days, the report says.

    The baby's rib fractures were healing, indicating that the injuries had occurred several days prior to his death, the report states.

    The report explains that the infant could have appeared relatively normal just hours before the fatal injuries were inflicted.

    Based on the findings, the report concluded that the cause of death is "abusive head trauma and blunt/compressive force injuries of the trunk."

    In addition to his mother, father and grandparents, 1-month-old Caden is survived by a sister, according to his obituary.

  • New report ranks North Carolina worst state for teachers

    Published On: Jan 29 2015 05:10:06 AM CST

    North Carolina was the worst state in the country for teachers in 2014, according to a new report.

    The study, from WalletHub, was based on the number of teachers per capita and salaries.

    According to the report, which includes the District of Columbia, North Carolina ranked at 51.

    It stated that North Carolina had a low average starting salary and high unemployment rates, in comparison to other states.

  • UPDATE: ECU fraternity temporarily suspended

    Published On: Jan 30 2015 03:16:00 PM CST
    Updated On: Jan 31 2015 09:29:20 PM CST

    The Chief Executive Officer of Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity is responding to allegations of a sexual assault at the chapter's ECU fraternity house on E. 5th Street.

    CEO Brian Warren released the following statement:

    "We have been in constant communication with the university since learning about this unfortunate allegation.

    "Our educational efforts are based on the value of respect for self and others. We expect our chapters and members to act in accordance with these values.

    "Until we know more, we are taking the allegation seriously and have asked the ECU chapter to temporarily suspend operations and assist in our investigation."

    According to the fraternity, the temporary suspension of operations does not represent a closure of the ECU chapter. However, all fraternity programming has been postponed pending the results of the joint investigation.

    PREVIOUS STORY: Greenville Police say a woman reported being sexually assaulted by a male at an ECU fraternity house last weekend.

    GPD spokesperson Kristen Hunter says police determined that the reported location of the assault is the Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity house, at 505 E. 5th Street, which is off the ECU campus.

    Police believe it was an isolated incident and that nobody else was in danger.

    Detectives continue to work the case.

    Representatives from ECU say they have not taken any action to close fraternities this weekend, but that the ECU Interfraternity Council has voluntarily imposed a moratorium on social events for the time being.

    Evan Ball,. the president of the ECU Interfraternity Council, who is out of state at a conference, issued this statement. ""On January 28th, the IFC Executive Board and all IFC chapter presidents met with the Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs Dr. Virginia Hardy and staff from the Office of Greek Life.  We informed Dr. Hardy that IFC agreed to a self imposed social moratorium on all social events at chapter owned/leased houses, apartments/houses rented by members, or at third party venues.  
    "This moratorium does not affect the ability for IFC chapters to engage in activities such as community service, philanthropy, recruitment (no bid parties are permitted), intramural sports, or to conduct weekly chapter and new member meetings."

  • January 30th, 2015 Sportscast

    High school hoops conference races are heating up!

  • Oregon man says owl hit his head twice

    Ron Jaecks of Salem says he was jogging when an owl swooped down and struck him on the head twice. Other people in the area also have reported being attacked by an owl.

  • FBI official says no credible threats ahead of Super Bowl

    FBI counter-terrorism official Michael Steinbach says there has been an increase in chatter online but "no credible" threats have cropped up in advance of the Super Bowl, which will be played Sunday in Phoenix.

  • Telemarketer saves Oregon woman from attack

    A telemarketer making a sales call helped a woman hundreds of miles away from being attacked.

  • Clouds invade the Grand Canyon

    A carpet of clouds covers the bottom of the Grand Canyon in Arizona.