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  • Video: Janay Rice nuzzled Ray Rice after assault

    Published On: Dec 20 2014 04:21:23 AM CST
    Updated On: Dec 20 2014 09:38:26 PM CST
    Ray Rice, Janay Rice


    (CNN) -

    A newly released video shows the now-wife of NFL player Ray Rice lovingly nuzzling him shortly after he knocked her out cold at a casino in New Jersey.

    The video obtained by ABC News shows the couple in handcuffs immediately after the February elevator fight in which the former Baltimore Ravens player punched his then-fiancee, Janay, in Atlantic City.

    In the footage, both are separated in a lobby by authorities.

    Law enforcement officials later lead them into an elevator, where they try to embrace despite their handcuffs.

    They appear to steal a kiss in the elevator as she buries her head in his neck before they enter separate police cars.

    ABC posted three minutes of the video online.

    A different elevator scene

    The latest elevator scene is a far cry from another one moments earlier that changed their lives forever.

    In images from a previously released video, the 200-pound football player punches her, sending her head into the wall before she collapses unconscious to the floor. Surveillance video shows Ray Rice dragging her partially out of the elevator and dumping her limp body face-first on the ground.

    Ray Rice was indefinitely suspended by the NFL while Janay Rice became a face of domestic violence.

    The ABC surveillance footage appears to show what happened after the attack.

    'This is a time of healing'

    Ray Rice's attorney, Peter Ginsberg, said the two are trying to move past the incident.

    "This is a time of healing and he, quite naturally, doesn't want another media showing of what must have been the worst event of his life," Ginsberg said. "What the media ought to be focusing on is the issue of domestic violence."

    In an interview with NBC this month, Janay Rice defended her husband, saying he is a human who made a mistake that he'd never made before and won't make again.

    Angry and hurt

    Janay Rice has said she was angry by her husband's violence, but it also hurt to see his career go down the drain.

    She attributed Ray Rice's actions that February night on "humanness."

    "Everybody makes mistakes. After this whole situation, you would think that we lived in a country full of people who never made a mistake," she said this month.

    Police said both struck each other with their hands and refused medical treatment at the scene.

    A prosecutor later dropped assault charges against Janay Rice and charged her husband with aggravated assault . A grand jury indicted him in March, and they wed the next day.

    In July, after a disciplinary hearing, the NFL announced it would suspend Ray Rice for two games -- until another surveillance video -- the one that captured the punch -- surfaced September 8.

    By the end of the day, the Ravens had released Rice and the NFL made his suspension indefinite.

    An arbitrator later found that the NFL abused its discretion by indefinitely suspending Rice when it had originally sat him down for only two games.

    The decision cleared Rice to play again.

  • Pitt County high school's Islamic-themed vocabulary lesson causing controversy

    Published On: Dec 19 2014 10:29:40 AM CST
    Updated On: Dec 19 2014 06:42:00 PM CST

    Parents are expressing concern after learning that a high school class in Pitt County is teaching students vocabulary using Islamic-themed questions.

    According to Brock Letchworth, the spokesperson for Pitt County Schools, Farmville Central High School has a senior English class that includes the Islamic-themed vocabulary lesson. Parents first notified NewsChannel 12 about the lesson Friday morning.

    Below are some of the questions in a sentence completion exercise:

    21. I imagine myself in the place that I've been reading about. This lesson has been __________ to -- that is, has led to --an imaginary trip to the ancient Islamic world.

    (A) erratic
    (B) pastoral
    (C) quantitative
    (D) astute
    (E) conductive

    25. Mohammed has just finished speaking when I arrive, but I hope the opportunity to hear him will _________. I'd like another chance.

    (A) wane
    (B) recur
    (C) lapse
    (D) commence
    (E) ossify

    26. There are such vast numbers of people who are anxious to spread the Muslim faith that it would be impossible to give a(n) _________ amount.

    (A) zenith
    (B) erratic
    (C) quantitative
    (D) astute
    (E) recurring

    conductive ---> Mohammed, who was familiar with the teachings of Judaism and Christianity, found solitude to be conductive to understanding proper faith. He also found meditation to be helpful.

    zenith ---> The zenith of any Muslim's life is a trip to Mecca. The trip is the highest point of a Muslim's early path because Mecca is considered the Muslim's holy city.

    To view more questions from the first exercise sheet, CLICK HERE.

    To view the second exercise sheet, CLICK HERE.


    In a statement, Pitt County Schools said, "The course is designed to accompany the world literature text, which emphasizes culture in literature."

    Schools officials said they looked into the matter, and learned that the lesson was taken directly from a state-adopted supplemental workbook published by Holt, Rinehart and Winston.

    The school district's statement continued with the following:

    "This workbook includes a series of weekly vocabulary lessons, and the lessons are used to teach vocabulary in context. Lessons are divided into a trio of topics --including expression, civilization and the environment. This particular lesson was pulled from the civilization section of the workbook.

    "Our school system understands ll concerns related to proselytizing, and there is no place for in in our instruction. However, this particular lesson was one of many the students in this class have had and will have that exposes them to the various religions and how they shape cultures throughout the world."


    Facebook user Dianne Lynn Savage -- who is upset about the vocabulary lesson -- posted a viral video of her reading the questions. The video already had about 152,000 views on Savage's Facebook page by late Friday morning.

    "They are indoctrinating our children... again," Savage said in her video, urging parents to help stop the lesson.

    You can watch Savage's video by CLICKING HERE.  *Note: As of Friday night, the video has been taken down.

    NewsChannel 12 talked with Savage Friday.

    "Bringing in this type of worksheet and this particular lesson, it's very subliminal. And the fact that you're using words like, "exciting" and "imaginary," and that you're trying to look like it's a wonderful thing," Savage said.


    Pitt County Schools spokesperson Brock Letchworh said the state-approved workbook is only part of the curriculum for the class in question, which is an elective. He said the book has been available to teachers in Pitt County for more than 10 years, but is just now getting attention due to Savage's viral video.

    Letchworth told NewsChannel 12 the school has received hundreds of calls about it.

    "We've tried our best to listen to the concerns that have been expressed and explain exactly what's going on because I feel like the source -- the Facebook video -- took it out of context a little bit," said Letchworth.

    The Farmville Police Department posted the following message on Facebook:

    "I want to let everyone know that I have seen the video post about Farmville Central High School and it is being looked into by the PCSO [Pitt County Sheriff's Office]. The safety of your children is of the utmost importance to FCHS, the Farmville Police Department, and the PCSO."

    The Sheriff's Office said it was asked to review Facebook posts and the video to make sure there were no threats made to the teacher, and will continue to monitor them.


    NewsChannel 12 talked with local residents to get their take on the vocabulary lesson.

    "No I don't think it's fair. If you're gonna have one, you got to let the other ones in," said Guileforde Whitfield.

    "I probably wouldn't have allowed her to do it. I probably would've encouraged them to do something on the Bible instead," Michelle Bright said.

    But Senior Class President G.I. Hood -- along with some other seniors -- said they were assigned the same worksheets a couple of years ago. They said they stand behind their teacher's decision to use the text.

    "We did religion-based worksheets, but we learned about every religion. It's not just like the Muslim religion... it's just, it's history," said Hood.

  • Marines exercise crisis response training before deploying

    Published On: Dec 18 2014 05:49:53 PM CST
    Updated On: Dec 18 2014 06:26:12 PM CST

    Camp Lejeune Marines from Fox Company are getting ready to deploy for crisis response in Africa. Before they leave, they had some training exercises to do.

    Marines are training in the air and on the ground before deploying.

    "You have to be on moment’s notice ready to launch within 60 minutes with a full load of passengers so they can go in and do whatever mission they are capable of doing," said Marine Medium Tiltrotor Squadron Cpl. Roy Allen.

    The Quick Reaction Force live-fire exercise started with Ospreys from Air Station New River. The Ospreys fly into the company battlefield course, carrying Marines for missions ranging from evacuation to crisis response.

    In this specific mission Marines are simulating a meet up with other units to evacuate Marines from the area.

    When the Ospreys land, Marines quickly exit the aircraft, and secure the area before the Osprey takes off.

    "Once the passengers are outside the aircraft, our last mission is to exit the zone so they can conduct their mission," said Allen.

    Then step by step the Marines move quickly across a field towards their objective. In this exercise their mission was to evacuate a casualty in a heavily wooded area.

    Each Marine plays a vital role in bringing that person out of live-fire and move them towards Ospreys returning to pick up the Marines.

    We asked how the exercise will compare to real life.

    "The training that we do here is very close to the actual mission that we'll be doing. There's a little bit of personal pressure with the actual mission but we've trained to it so much that it really becomes natural," said Allen.

    "The best way I can describe it is it's surreal in a sense. Your instincts kick in. A lot of things are muscle memory. All the Marines know what to do. It almost seems like a training evolution but it's real life," said Fox Co. Sgt. Zachary Jenkins.

    2/8 starts their leave on Friday before deploying in early January.

  • Proceeds from local beer festival to help fund student scholarships

    Published On: Dec 20 2014 03:41:14 PM CST

    Hundreds gathered at the New Bern Convention Center Saturday to sample different types of beer and ultimately help local students.  

    It was the Beer Army Foundation's first charity beer festival. After buying tickets and grabbing a wristband crowds were able to sample more than 20 beers.

    Organizers say all of the proceeds will be used to benefit local education.

    "It's Christmas time, we want to give back. We're really focusing on that we're a community outreach organization so we want to give scholarships to local degree-seeking students and this is going to help out," said Scott Andrews, public information officer for the organization.

    The group hopes to collect enough money to fund 50 scholarships in the next three years. On January 24th a similar beer tasting charity event will also be held in Greenville.

  • Holiday travel brings the gift of lower gas prices

    Published On: Dec 20 2014 06:46:42 PM CST

    Just in time for one of the busiest holiday travel times of the year-- drivers can expect to see the lowest gas prices since 2009.

    AAA reports a record number of nearly 3 million people will be traveling on the highways this holiday season-- more than 100,000 more compared to last year.

    Experts say cheaper gas prices are driving travelers to the highways. The average price of gas in New Bern now is about $2.29 per gallon.

    "I'm glad its dropped so some of these families can get home cause some of them haven't been home because of gas prices," driver Elizabeth Futral says.

    Instead of flying to their holiday destination many people have chosen to drive as a cheaper alternative now with more affordable gas prices.

    According to AAA, gas prices in North Carolina are 24 cents lower than they were on Thanksgiving day.

  • Obamas arrive in Hawaii for vacation

    President Obama and his family arrived in Honolulu Saturday for their annual holiday vacation on Hawaii. They are expected to stay on the island for two weeks.

  • NYPD PBA president: 'Pray for our families'

    Patrolman's Benevolent Association President Patrick Lynch calls the killing of two officers 'a cold-blooded assassination like we haven't seen before.'

  • On Camera: Christmas display uses 60K lights

    A family in Poland decked out their home with more than 60,000 Christmas bulbs.

  • Obama wants to shut Gitmo down

    President Barack Obama says he plans to push to close the Guantanamo Bay detention facility during his final two years in office.

  • Saturday Nigh High School Hoops

    Washington boys vs. Northside, and East Carteret Girls vs. Croatan!