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  • Sisters expose woman cheating on husband at baseball game

    Published On: Jul 27 2015 06:13:24 PM CDT

    (WTVD photo)


    Two North Carolina sisters created quite a stir on social media last week when they tweeted photos of a woman sitting in front of them at an Atlanta Braves game.

    In a story posted by WTVD, The two said they noticed the woman was sending explicit text messages on her cell phone to someone else while sitting next to her husband.

    The sisters claim the man's name was saved in the woman's phone under the name "Nancy."

    They began taking photos over her shoulder and tweeting her conversation.

    During the game, one of them wrote the husband a note telling him his wife was cheating. She urged him to look at the messages under Nancy and left her number offering photos if he wanted proof.

    Even though many are cheering on the sisters, some have tweeted them saying they should mind their own business.

  • GPD makes one of the biggest busts in department history

    Published On: Jul 28 2015 04:43:24 PM CDT   Updated On: Jul 28 2015 07:41:28 PM CDT
    GREENVILLE, Pitt County -

    The Greenville Regional Drug Task Force is calling it one of the biggest busts in the department's history. The operation took thousands of doses of heroin off the streets and landed two Pitt County men behind bars.

    Davarus Williams, 30, and James Alexander, 45, have been on the Greenville Regional Drug Task Force watch list for about two months for allegedly supplying the Eastern Carolina area with heroin.

    Last Tuesday, police conducted a traffic stop on Williams which led officers to obtain search warrants for his car, his home on Kristin Dr. and the home of Alexander in Grimesland. The search turned up more than $250,000 worth of heroin, or 9,650 individual units.

    "If I told you 1,250 (doses) were a lot, I think now you're able to see the gravity of the total seizure,” Interim Police Chief Ted Sauls said. “Also, (found) was an additional four and a half ounces of uncut powder heroin."

    Inside Williams’ car, police found a secret hydraulic compartment where they found most of the drugs.

    "One of our detectives noticed that the vehicle had an aftermarket modification and that was something that, through training we've been able to afford to the officers, they learned that those modifications are things they should look deeper on," Sauls said.

    Since the car was modified, Sails said it cannot be resold. Instead it will be used as evidence in the trials against these men and then the court will decide what will be done with it.

    Officers were also able to seize more than $30,000 dollars in cash and two handguns.

    The men are charged with drug trafficking and are being held at the Pitt County Detention Center. Each has a bond set at $2 million. Sauls said they could be facing up to 25 years in prison.

    In March, the Greenville Police Department found out tainted heroin was being sold on the streets. Sauls says they do not believe this heroin is related, but it will be tested in the lab as procedure.

  • Damages awarded in wrongful death lawsuit

    Published On: Jul 27 2015 10:13:20 PM CDT   Updated On: Jul 27 2015 10:46:02 PM CDT
    NEW BERN, Craven County -

    A Craven County jury awarded up to nearly $18,000 in damages as a result of a civil lawsuit that claims a local doctor's negligence played a part in a deadly crash.

    The accident first happened back in February 2013. A year later, prosecutors convicted Amber Sandvig for felony death by motor vehicle and DWI. It was proven that Sandvig was under the influence of prescription drugs which led to a head-on collision. The crash killed Sandvig's 6-year-old daughter Alanna and injured her then 2-year-old son Blaze.

    In a previous interview, Alan Garris, the children's father, says Sandvig had a history of negligence.

    "She's had her chances to change and she hasn't," Garris said.

    As part of the lawsuit, the defendant Dr. Sanjay Kumar is cited as being negligent as well. He is accused of over-prescribing Oxycodone to Sandvig knowing that she was abusing the drug. Dr. Kumar is ordered to pay nearly $8,000 to Garris for the wrongful death of Alanna.

    The other plaintiff, Mario Perez, who the guardian of Blaze, will receive an additional $10,000 for the young boy's personal injury.

    NewsChannel 12 attempted to contact Dr. Kumar's office, but it appears the practice has been shut down.

    Sandvig is continuing to serve a 12 to 17 year prison sentence as a result of the crash.

  • Pedestrian killed over weekend in Greenville identified

    Published On: Jul 27 2015 12:02:38 PM CDT   Updated On: Jul 28 2015 11:16:53 AM CDT
    GREENVILLE, Pitt County -

    The mother of the man who was killed as he tried to cross South Memorial Drive in Greenville early Saturday morning has confirmed to NewsChannel 12 that it was her son who died.

    "I thought he was going to come back, but he didn't ever come back," said Greenville mother Shirley Staton who spent the weekend panicked when her 27-year-old son, Derrick Staton, didn't come home Friday night.

    "He usually comes back or if he stayed out all night, he would call ... He didn't ever call and I said that's not like Derrick," Staton said.

    She waited as long as she could before calling Greenville police to report him as missing late Saturday night.

    “I thought maybe they found him somewhere, you know, at somebody's house or he was drunk," Staton said.

    Meanwhile, along a dimly lit portion of South Memorial Dr., Greenville police found a man laying in the median after being hit and killed by an SUV around one Saturday morning. Police say the man was trying to cross the road.

    "They called me out to the crime scene to document the crime scene," Greenville Police Corporal Mike Staffelbach said.

    But without identification on the body, police weren't able to ID the victim.

    "We want to help them identify their loved one, but at the same time we want to be very sensitive to their needs and loss," Staffelbach said.

    Typically in a case like this, officers use technology to put a name to the John Doe like fingerprinting or composite sketches of the victims face to put out to the public. But in this case, officers got Staton's call first.

    "They wanted to know all about him. Did he have a tattoo? What else did he have on? What was he carrying with him?" Staton said.

    Her description of Derrick connected the dots.

    "We had a call about (an accident) ... He said he thinks that fits the description of my son and I said, ‘Oh my God, no, no, no, Lord Jesus, no’," Staton said.  

    Those words are something she'll never forget.

    "I just miss him.  I love him. I wish he was back here with me," Staton said.

    Police said the driver stopped and was cooperative with the investigation. No criminal charges will be filed against the driver since Staton ran out into the road, which didn't give the driver any time to respond.

    Per his mother's request, we are not publishing any pictures of Staton.

  • Teen killed in horse accident giving life to other children

    Published On: Jul 28 2015 12:21:19 PM CDT

    ( photo)

    GASTONIA, N.C. -

    A Gaston County teenager who died Monday morning is giving life to others, according to

    Destiny Stafford’s mother wrote on Facebook that her daughter’s organs are going to infants who need them.

    Her mother said it is exactly what her daughter would want.

    A 5-month-old and a 1-year-old will receive Destiny’s liver. A 14-year-old will get her lungs and a 17-year-old will get her heart.

    A horse kicked the 15-year-old in the head over the weekend, causing her life-threatening injuries. She passed away Monday morning.

    Her classmates at Stuart Cramer High School in Belmont said Destiny was an inspiration.

  • Marines return to Camp Lejeune

    Published On: Jul 28 2015 07:21:26 PM CDT

    About 200 Camp Lejeune Marines and sailors are back at home. They were deployed to Eastern Europe for the last six months. NewsChannel 12’s Jessica Albert has the report.

  • Panda celebrates 37th birthday in Hong Kong

    Published On: Jul 28 2015 11:40:36 AM CDT   Updated On: Jul 28 2015 11:46:28 AM CDT

    Jia Jia, a popular panda at Hong Kong's Ocean Park turned 37 and Guinness World Record recognized simultaneously for being the oldest panda ever in captivity and the oldest panda still living in captivity.

  • A look back at Bugs Bunny on his 75th birthday

    Published On: Jul 27 2015 03:26:08 PM CDT   Updated On: Jul 27 2015 06:10:23 PM CDT

    Lisa France looks at the skeletons in Bug's Bunny's closet as he celebrates his 75th birthday.

  • 9-year-old raises $47K for sick friend

    Published On: Jul 27 2015 08:39:14 AM CDT   Updated On: Jul 27 2015 09:44:48 AM CDT

    A 9-year-old Arkansas girl was hoping to raise a little money making bracelets to help her best friend with a rare skin disease. But that little turned into thousands.

  • Maysville town officials seek solutions following sewage spill

    Published On: Jul 28 2015 05:44:36 PM CDT