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Fire leaves six homeless, fingers pointed at landlord

Published On: Sep 09 2012 06:39:00 PM CDT   Updated On: Sep 10 2012 08:03:22 PM CDT

A woman and her five roommates are without a home after a Sunday fire destroyed their trailer.

Neighbors are pointing fingers at the landlord, saying the fire could have been prevented.  The fire marshall has ruled the cause as an electrical problem.

Teri Alvarado says this is one of four fires at her mobile home in the last two months. Alvarado says she's tried to get help, but claims her landlord has done nothing.

“It’s always the same thing. We'll get to it, we'll get to it, but you never see them,” said Alvarado. 

A neighbor added this.  “Who knows whose house is going to catch on fire next or get water damage from a pipe breaking or... it's just ridiculous.  The landlord just didn't fix everything.  If they would've actually taken care of the problem then that fire could've been prevented.”

Ann Grooms, the landlord, denies the accusations.

“They really don't call me or let me know what's going on until sometimes it's so bad it’s unreal,” Grooms said.

She even claims Alvarado brought a lot of her problems upon herself.

“They overload the circuit and we have asked them not to do that.  We had to replace several breakers in there,” Grooms said.

The Red Cross is assisting Alvarado and her roommates after the fire.


A woman and five roommates are without a home after a Sunday fire destroyed their trailer.

Crews responded to reports of a structure fire along the 100 block of Groons Drive off Old Cherry Point Road.

Teri Albarado said that she was out riding her bike with her boyfriend when she received a call about her trailer being on fire. When she returned, fire crews told her her dog Brinko had perished in the blaze due to the smoke.

Albarado says it's the third fire that she's experienced in the last three weeks, the fourth in total, at her residence. She says the others were smaller in nature. She says she hasn't gotten much cooperation from her landlord when she reported the previous fires.