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Police to Residents: Don't Approach Roaming Bears

By Jon Erickson
Published On: Aug 22 2012 06:06:13 PM CDT
Updated On: Aug 22 2012 06:10:40 PM CDT

Bear sightings have been reported to authorities in Trent Woods once a day, on average, over the past ten days.

Police in the Craven County town are noting the location of each report in an effort to track the movement of the bear, or bears.  It’s unclear how many are in the town.

Police Chief Tony Lee is advising residents to not put any food source outside their homes. That includes scraps on barbecue grills, food trash in recycle bins, even bird feeders.

Once the food source is gone, the bear(s) will leave, Lee said.

“You don’t expect to see a bear,” said Patricia Spankovich, a Trent Woods resident.

She saw what she described as a “teenage” bear in her backyard last week.

By the time Spankovich retrieved her camera, the bear had jumped over a fence and was gone, she said.

The animal(s) have not exhibited aggressive behavior toward humans and there are no reports of the bear targeting pets.

Chief Lee is also asking people to stay away from the bears; his advice to curious people is to watch the animals from a home or car and never approach a bear.